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Do you grow crops, raise animals, sell food, or eat food?


If you answered yes to any of those, then you’re in the right place. The bottom line is that every one of us has to eat. So, why not learn more about what we’re eating and how it’s produced? And, if you play a part in feeding us, whether you’re a rancher, a farmer, a grocer, or another member of food business, let us help share your story with the world.

As a Consumer

It can be hard to know at a glance what products meet our own standards or preferences. We see so many different claims on packaging that our heads can spin and we’re left a little confused and a little less than confident. That’s why independent, third-party verification and certification are so important. We need and deserve to know the reality behind the product so we can make informed decisions at every meal.

As a Farmer or Rancher

The agricultural community—both in the United States and around the world—has changed dramatically in the last century. Fewer people are involved in producing the food we eat. And, as efficiencies escalate, individuality disappears. Who are the farmers, ranchers, and producers who feed us? How can we as consumers learn more about them? How can we hear their stories? Check out our blog and our YouTube channel to watch our WFCF Storybit series.

As a Packer or Processor

The food industry today is extremely complex, and if anyone understands that, it is the packing/processing sector. Hundreds of thousands of food producers are growing and raising food in a variety of unique ways, and it is up to the packer/processor to determine how to get those products to the right markets. If you really sit down and think about it, that can be a daunting task. But, verification and certification programs help to not only provide security in product sources and consistency, but also access new and growing premium market places.

As a Retailer or Food Service Provider

Retailers and food service providers are often the last stop between a product and the consumer. So, it makes sense that these purveyors are always looking at ways to serve products that best meet their customers’ unique needs and wants. With so many different kinds of foods, farming and production methods, and brands and labels, the options and opportunities can be overwhelming. That’s why verification and certification can provide retailers and food service providers with critical information to help narrow down the playing field and allow for even better, even smarter decisions on what to offer their customers.

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