When you pick up a package of beef or a bag of lettuce in the grocery store, there are certain things that you cannot discern with your own eyes. We call these “credence attributes,” and they are often associated with marketing claims about how the animals or crops were raised. While the companies providing you these products may already meet certain criteria to use these marketing claims on their labels, often times these claims or phrases are not verifiable. So, how do you know what you’re getting?

As growing numbers of consumers crave more information about the food they may be eating, food providers are increasingly turning to independent, third-party verification companies like Where Food Comes From to provide unbiased assessments so that we can have confidence in knowing that we’re getting what companies are claiming. Our independent verifiers and reviewers are highly trained and free of any conflict of interest, and they question, verify, and analyze, providing thorough and accurate on-site audits and standards compliance assessments.

What’s more, if you see the Where Food Comes From Source Verified® or CARE® label on a product, you’ll know without a doubt that it’s traceable back to an approved and transparent list of sources that have undergone third-party verification. There isn’t an easier way to find verified products than by looking for Where Food Comes From program labels!

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