Meet the Ranch Families

The Moore Family – Wyoming

Fresh American Lamb is a tradition on Spearhead Ranch. It all began in 1876 when Frank Moore’s ancestors first came to the Wyoming Territory, discovering prime grasslands, clear cool water and endless blue skies. This was a perfect spot to establish a ranching tradition where they could raise their families and livestock for generations to come.

Moore3That tradition continues today as the fifth generation of the Moore family cares for the land and sheep. Gazing out over the prairies toward the majestic Rocky Mountains, it is apparent that much remains the same as in 1876—seeing for miles on a crisp Wyoming morning, the bugle of an elk being heard in the distance and sheep grazing on the prime grasslands and drinking the clear water. This tranquil, natural environment is where Mountain States Rosen lamb is produced. It is truly American Lamb from American land.

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