Meet the Ranch Families

The Auza Family – California, Arizona

IMG_5564TINE & SHIRLEY AUZA: Tine and his wife, Shirley, raised three children—Martin, Jr., Andrea, and Rachel. The children helped their parents care for the sheep from a very young age. Tine and Martin, Jr., continue the Auza family tradition today, raising sheep on the lush alfalfa fields of the Imperial Valley.

JOE & CARMEN AUZA: Joe Auza, his son Joseph, and their family care for their sheep in Arizona. In the winter and early spring the Auza’s can be found near Yuma, Arizona, where their sheep graze on alfalfa and crop residue, enjoying the mild weather. The lambs are born in Yuma under the watchful eye of the Auza family. Once the summer heat begins, the lambs are weaned and sent to Colorado to be finished. The ewes are moved to the mountains near Williams, Arizona for summer grazing on mountain grasses, flowers and brush. They remain in the mountains until the fall and the snow send the sheep back to Yuma to start the cycle over again.


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