Private: Shepherd’s Pride Lamb

Meet the Ranch Families

SP_WFCF_45Shepherd’s Pride lambs are born and raised in the American West, from the lush green valleys of the Rocky Mountains, to the grassy prairies of Texas, to the coastal plains of Oregon. The lambs are owned and cared for by the Mountain States Cooperative family members, totaling more than 150 individual ranchers in 15 different states.

Many of the ranchers are fourth and fifth generation, raising their sheep and their families on the same land their grandfathers and great-grandfathers ranched. For them, raising sheep is more than just a business; it’s a cherished family tradition.

The Shepherd’s Pride lamb producers take pride in the way they care for their animals and their land. As a part of the Mountain States Cooperative, they pledge a long-standing commitment to sustainability, not only for the good of the environment, but also their families’ future livelihood. This dedication is simply part of their heritage.

Meet a few of the Shepherd’s Pride ranching families:

The Auza Family  – California & Arizona
The Swanson Family – California
The Etcheverry Family – Idaho
The Bean Family – Idaho
The Peavey Family – Idaho
The Ball Family – Idaho & Wyoming
The Moore Family -Wyoming
The Arthur Family – Utah, Wyoming, & Idaho

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