Pine Manor Farms

Quick Facts

Labels can be confusing! So let’s take a quick look at what goes into making Pine Manor what it is.

Feedstuffs. All Pine Manor Farms birds are fed an all-vegetarian diet made up primarily of locally-produced corn and soy grains. 100% of the feed is verified to be Antibiotic-Free and Non-GMO Project Verified, and, like all chicken produced in the United States, is also free of any added hormones. Pine Manor also has multiple Certified Organic locations that raise birds specifically for their Organic chicken line. Watch to learn more!

Our Farms. Over 140 farms raise chickens for the Pine Manor Farms brand. All of them are family-owned operations located near Pine Manor’s home base in Orland, Indiana. Over 90% of Pine Manor Farms locations are owned and managed by Amish families. Chicks are hatched at the Miller Poultry hatchery, and then placed on farms when they are just a few days old. Watch to learn more about the Miller family and how their culture drives the Pine Manor Farms brand.

Air Chilled. Traditionally, chicken is chilled in water. However, Pine Manor chicken is air chilled. The air chilling process utilizes a large cooler of air that circulates cold air throughout the room sealing in the flavor, keeping the chicken moist and tender when packaged. It is also believed that air-chilled chicken is cleaner, with less of a chance of cross contamination due to the use of air cooling and not large water baths. Taste, tenderness and added safety all in one step!

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