Native American Beef

H-P Ranch

H-P Ranch
Haystack, NM

Travis Platero and his family are one of the newest producers to the Native American Beef brand. The family lives on the H-P Ranch in Haystack, NM, where producing premium quality livestock is way of life for them. Travis recalls, “My grandpa gave my dad two cows and two sheep and told him to do something with them. That is still what’s going on to this day. I’m very excited to be part of the program and to have my dad’s name and brand recognized in different places – from the feedlots to the restaurants.”

A proud cattleman, Travis looks forward to growing their family’s cattle business and teaching his kids many of the skills his dad taught him. “My dad taught me in his own way how to be a good cattle producer and that’s what I’m trying to do for my kids. It’s great that people are enjoying what we raised as a family. I know my dad we would be happy that people are enjoying his beef,” says Travis.

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