Native American Beef

14-R Ranch

14-R Ranch
Nahata Dziil, AZ
In the 1980s to help settle a dispute between the Navajo and Hopi tribes, hundreds of Navajo families were relocated to Nahata Dziil, a 365,000-acre parcel of ranch land the federal government acquired in the early 1980s.The name 14-R comes from the 14 parcels range management units in the Nahata Dziil, where community members practice in-common grazing.Cattle raised on the 14R Ranch are owned and cared for by families who are members of the Navajo Nation. These families are committed to not only producing high quality beef products for their customers, but also to creating strong family and tribal businesses and a sustainable ranching enviroment for future generations.

Meet the Pahi Family, one of the 14-R Ranch cattle producers.

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