Native American Beef

Pahi Family

Pahi Family
Nahata Dziil, AZ

Al Pahi and his wife, Nora, raise top-quality cattle on pastures located on the 14-R Ranch in Nahata Dziil, Arizona . They have been part of the Native American Beef brand since the program’s start and both are very excited to see how quickly the beef program has taken off. “It’s very exciting to see people starting to recognize our beef in the local casinos and restaurants. We’re getting a lot of positive feedback from everyone.” says Al. He goes on to say, “It’s also very nice to be part of a program that keeps this high quality beef in the community.”

Both Al and Nora also actively work within the community to help educate other ranchers and future generations on raising premium, great tasting beef. They work within the 14-R Ranch community to promote important topics such as the benefits of a good vaccination program and low-stress weaning (learn more about 14-R Ranch here. The Native American Beef brand is brought to you by family-owned ranchers like the Pahi’s, who are dedicated to producing the best tasting beef while positively impacting the community at the same time.

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