Grocery store aisles and menus are full of claims and labels related to the food products they are selling or preparing.  As a result, it can be confusing as to which statements are simply great marketing versus authentic and verifiable claims about the food you are eating.  This is why many brands are seeking out new ways to communicate the story of their products to consumers transparently and with validity, and the Where Food Comes From Source Verified® label is their answer!

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How can you understand anything about a food product if you don’t know where it comes from?  All of those credence attributes or production practices that may be important to many individual consumers are irrelevant if you cannot first determine WHERE it was raised or grown.  After that, you can begin to understand the HOW, WHEN and WHY.

Rest assured, any product that carries the Where Food Comes From Source Verified® label has undergone a thorough audit and verification process to assure that their products are traceable back to the individual families that produced them.  They know where their food comes from, and as a result, so can you.

Meet the brands, stores and restaurants offering Where Food Comes From Source Verified® products.

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