Where Food Comes From Magazine Issue 2 Released!

Where Food Comes From launches its second issue of their magazine!

This issue features long-time customer, Miller Poultry.  Miller Poultry was founded in 1992.  They’ve grown from processing 16,000 chickens weekly to now processing 35,000 chickens per day.  Miller Poultry has a great relationship with the local Amish and Mennonite communities.  These communities serve as their suppliers, which they believe is one of the things that sets them apart.  The Amish ethic is so ingrained in what defines Miller Poultry.  You’ll find out more of the history and the trendsetting qualities that Miller Poultry possesses in this feature article.

Similarly, you’ll get to know one of our beef producers, Jerry Wulf.  Mr. Wulf owns Wulf Cattle, a beef company that owns a herd of 1,200 registered cows.  Wulf says that as a company, they get excited about connecting the industry and the beef supply chain.  They are all about building relationships, building a better product and being transparent.

Christina Dockter, ICS employee, is also featured.  Christina says the most satisfying part of her job is watching the producers grow, and also how ICS has grown.  She feels a sense of pride when she sees a consumer buy a product with their label on it.

Besides that, you’ll discover Thanksgiving recipes and how the Global Animal Partnership (GAP) improves the lives of animals.  Also included are facts about the food and wine industry.

Find the magazine online at here, or email us to add you to our mailing list.

Where Food Comes From Magazine, Issue 2

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