From Seed to Shelf – A Glimpse Into Hemp Verification

As you may have recently read over the last few weeks, in December Where Food Comes From was named the Program Administrator for the new U.S. Hemp Authority TM verification program. Where Food Comes From and Validus Verification Services, known for socially responsible practices like animal welfare, will serve the hemp growers and those seeking to display the certified designation on their labeling, advertising and marketing. It’s truly an interesting time for the hemp industry.

There is no doubt that hemp is here to stay.  This multipurpose plant has the capability to produce all kinds of resources from clothing to food to paper.  With the demand increasing for hemp-based products and hemp in general, it’s quickly growing in popularity across the globe.  As hemp continues to grow, no pun intended, there’s much to learn including educating consumers about the misconceptions of hemp.

“Our selection to administer this program puts Where Food Comes From at the forefront of a major new health and wellness movement in the U.S. today.”

John Saunders, CEO of Where Food Comes From, Inc.

The development of the U.S. Hemp Authority TM  Certified program demonstrates commitment toward high standards and transparency with hemp cultivation.  Once growers pass the third-party audit they will be licensed with the certified seal of approval.  This lets you know as the customer that the hemp product you’re purchasing has been checked for quality, safety, and consistency.

The 2014 Farm Bill allowed farmers to start pilot programs for hemp alongside their agricultural programs. As of 2018, a new bill allows farmers to grow hemp with all the protections traditional farming receives.  This Farm Bill allows farmers to legally grow hemp, which  means more CBD products on the shelves. Through this bill, hemp will no longer be considered a controlled substance but rather take its place alongside all other types of traditional farming.

In addition to legalizing hemp, legislation also includes medical quality of cannabidiol also known as CBD, which is becoming widely accepted to treat certain medical issues. CBD is known to treat chronic pain, anxiety and many other things. Bloomberg reports the legal market of CBD could reach $20 billion by 2020.  Perhaps this will change individual perception about this useful plant.

We know hemp has an even bigger role to play in future, including being the catalyst for other innovations and practical everyday uses.  In order to get there, the U.S. Hemp Authority TM  offers a training program to guide farmers and growers through the certification process.  This includes concepts such as ISO quality standards, good agricultural practices and quality management amongst other sources.

Where Food Comes From is extremely excited to be a part of the hemp boom alongside the U.S. Hemp Authority TM  to provide a new verification program that will instill confidence in hemp products. As we partner with farmers and growers we look forward to bringing certifications from seed to shelf.

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