Validus brings unique expertise in a variety of areas of certification to the Where Food Comes From, Inc. team, including animal welfare, worker care, environmental stewardship and feed and food safety.


Validus is an ISO 9001: 2008 certified company dedicated to offering comprehensive, proven assessments and certifications that bring socially-responsible, scientifically-based, and economically-viable solutions to on-farm operations.

Strong Roots

Since 2001, Validus has worked in partnership with owners and operators to protect reputations and expand profits. We’ve conducted thousands of on-farm assessments and worked with our clients to create and implement socially responsible, scientifically based and economically viable long-term solutions that safeguard their operations while opening them to profit from new, expanding markets.

We offer three approaches in working with our clients:

  • Using the Validus standards and tools
  • Using industry standards and tools
  • Auditing to our clients’ proprietary standards and tools

Our Services

Your excellent reputation alone is no longer enough.
Animal welfare and food industry issues are increasingly in the news these days.  Being proactive reassures your customers and consumers that you are doing the right thing.  More and more customers are using their buying power to reward producers who offer third-party proof that they are socially responsible and environmentally friendly.  Are you profiting from an expanding market that rewards environmentally and socially responsible producers?

Our programs include:

  • American Humane Certified
  • On-Farm Animal Welfare
  • Facility Certified Institute
  • Safe Quality Food
  • On-Farm Security
  • Worker Care
  • Environmental Audits
  • Traceability Systems
  • & so much more!

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