McDonald’s Canadian Pilot Project Wraps Up

McDonald's Canadian Verified Sustainable Beef Pilot wrap meeting

Leann discussing the verification process steps during the McDonald’s Canadian Verified Sustainable Beef Pilot wrap meeting


Leann discussing the verification scale during the McDonald’s Canadian Verified Sustainable Beef Pilot wrap meeting








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Whole Foods Market Quality Assurance Award

IMG_2800Check out our new bling! We are honored to receive this award from Whole Foods Market, and can assure you that it is just as meaningful and humbling the second time around as it was the first time four years ago. Our team tends to fly under the radar in most instances, which makes this kind of recognition extra special. We brag about our people, and this is exactly why!

High Praise

Talk about a surprise! We were thrilled to see Leann’s name pop up in numerous media outlets over the month of November as she transitioned out of her tenure as Chair of the US Meat Export Federation for 2015. Our team has always known we had a special leader in her, and it is fun for us when she gets the recognition she deserves from the rest of the industry.

It just so happens that two of the articles and interviews were featured in Drovers. Check them out below:

A Day at the Dairy

Cows, milk, tasty yogurt, a beautiful Kansas day and a fascinated group of bloggers are what made up our trip to McCarty Farms in Kansas on Thursday. The McCarty’s are a family rooted in agriculture. They have been producing milk for generations – first in Pennsylvania, and now at four progressive diaries located within 80 miles of one another in the heart of rural Kansas. On this particular day we were at their Rexford location and had the chance to tag along with a group of food bloggers hosted by the Kansas Farm Bureau. Just one of many stops on the #farmfoodtour, the McCarty’s rolled out the red carpet and showed these ladies all facets of their business. We saw fat and happy cows, brand-new-still-wet calves, their processing facility for transforming raw milk into a condensed product sold to Dannon yogurt, and, of course, the actual milking in action. It was a great tour on a beautiful farm and a perfect example of how learning and seeing where your food comes from can transform your vision of agriculture and food production. Our hats are off to the entire McCarty family!

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